The natural always returns as a new trend in the care of our skin and our complexion. With ingredients that you can find in your kitchen you can make these 5 homemade masks with which you can show off a fresh and smooth complexion and without adding dangerous chemicals or spending a lot of money.

The 5 homemade masks that we are going to present to you contain ingredients such as fresh fruit, honey and oatmeal that will help you regenerate the skin of your skin, making it soft and bright in color, which will make dullness disappear and sun or age spots.

The 5 homemade masks for your complexion

As a general rule, you can apply these 5 homemade masks once a week, using seasonal fruits that are always fresh, and you must apply them for approximately 15 minutes. Then you must remove them with plenty of water.

The masks should prepare at the same time you are going to apply them, and ideally, you should first wash your face with neutral or lanolin soap. These are the 5 homemade masks that you can choose depending on the type of skin you have.

Papaya mask

Papaya contains papain, an essential element so that your skin is always radiant. You will need a slice of ripe papaya, without skin or seeds, a tablespoon of honey. Crush the fruit and mix in the honey.

Strawberry mask

Four to six large red strawberries, a tablespoon of honey. Wash the strawberries, mash them and add the honey. This mask imparts a rosy hue to the complexion after several applications and should be used for oily skin visit CBD school.

Oatmeal mask

Half a cup of oatmeal, two tablespoons of honey, two to three tablespoons of milk. Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth paste. You can also use it on rough areas like elbows, hands, heels and knees. Oatmeal with milk reduces dark spots on the skin.

Avocado mask

This mask is suitable for dry skin. You need half a hass avocado and you just have to mash it until you get a homogeneous porridge, apply it on the face and let it rest. Remove it with lukewarm water. You can also use it on your hair to achieve shine, for this use a whole avocado and wrap your head in a plastic bag for 30 minutes. Remove it by washing your hair as you normally do.

Egg white mask

After the age of 40, the skin needs more nutrients as it dries out and changes its tone. If you apply an egg white every week on your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes, it will revitalize. Remove the white with warm water.